Friday, April 14, 2017

Nature's Weather Forecasters

I really enjoy being able to simply sit and watch the birds. (and maybe doodle a bit)
One of my favourites are the comical Juncos.  In my area, these little guys show up in the late soon as I see them I know that the cold weather is here to the same way, they forecast the return of warm temperatures by their disappearance......well....they have not packed their bags yet so I guess we are not quite done with cooler temperatures.  Year after year these birds have been pretty reliable weather forecasters


susan hemann said...

they come if the fall and leave in the spring at my feeder too!

Glenda said...

You have captured a Junco wonderfully!! And I love your new blog banner too. You have a very thoughtful eye and a honed drawing skill. Beautiful.

Robbie said...

Adorable...looks so delicate!

Createology said...

Sweet little Junco birds and yours is very dapper. Easter Blessings to you dear. <3

Royce said...

I too love to look at the birds. I have 2 feeders and they line up on the deck rail sometimes waiting their turn.
Soon it will be time for the humming birds too. Love your new header and that sounds like fun working on your iPad to create art. Love the bird drawing too.

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